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INJECTABLES - Fat Injection

The principle is an autograft of fat cells from fat harvested from the patient.
Lipostructure can be used for many depressions (troughs) which can be natural or post-traumatic.
The aims and indications of this procedure can be summed up as follows:

  1. Aesthetic indications

    • The filling and smoothing of certain wrinkles, especially of the face.

    • Restoration of the ‘fullness’ of a gaunt face or one showing the first signs of aging.

    • Restoration of volume and shape to the face : especially in the case of a face emaciated byaging.

    • In complement to certain neck- and face-lifts to give a more balanced result.

    • As an additional procedure after a previous facelift, to improve the shape of the mid-section ofthe face without resorting to another face-lift.

  2. Indications concerning restorative or reconstructive surgery :

    • Filling of a depressed zone resulting from injury

    • Correction of irregularities following an unsatisfactory liposuction procedure.

    • Correction of wasting after triple therapy for HIV + patients.


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