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FACIAL SURGERY - Facelift and Neck lift

After dramatic weight loss, the face skin can become flaccid, resulting in the cheek pads dropping, and jowls forming, resulting in the loss of a defined jaw line. In addition, the neck is loose and sagging. A face and neck lift raises the cheek pads, corrects the jowls, and removes the loose and sagging skin. The incisions are inconspicuous. They are placed in front of and behind the ears, and extend into the hair above and behind the ear.


Post-bariatric surgery patients may be nutritionally deficient, and this can have consequences for surgery and recovery. Patients may be referred for nutritional counseling and advised to wait a year or longer following their weight loss before undergoing plastic surgery. It is also important for the patient’s weight to stabilize before body contouring begins.


Patients may be surprised to learn the extent of plastic surgery that is required to bring their body back to a more normal and aesthetic appearance. Many of these patients will need a total body lift. While surgeons may define this term somewhat differently, treatment most likely would include a tummy tuck, circumferential lower body lift, thigh and buttock lifts, removal of back rolls, breast lift and upper arm lift as well as face and neck procedures to get rid of loose, hanging skin in these areas. Remember no two patients will have exactly the same results. You should realize that to re-contour and shape your body after dramatic weight loss, you will have visible scars, and uneven contours can develop. While the results of body contouring are visible immediately, if you have poor skin elasticity or gain weight, you will have some relapse of the sagging skin.


Through recent advances in all types of body contouring surgery, it is now possible for many patients to have a more proportionate body, better body image, and more self-confidence. The best way to get answers to your specific questions to see if you are a good candidate for this type of surgery is through a personal consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.



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