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INJECTABLES - Botulinum Toxin

The botulinic toxin is a substance which decreases the muscle contraction by acting at the level of the neuro-muscular jonction (myorelaxing action).
The botulinic toxin, under the name of “BOTOX” received, in USA, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorization in 2002 for its use to treat the wrinckles in between the two eyebrows.

In practice, the more usual indications for botulinic toxin aesthetical injections are the wrinckles between the two eyebrows, the frontal lines and the crow-feet wrinckles.

The principle of botulinic toxin consists of using its muscular release properties.

The main goal, we want to reach, is to obtain a decreased muscular action at the level of the forhead and the eyebrows , in order to decrease either the horizontal wrinckles and the vertical ones, done by muscles contraction.
Such a use allows to smooth the skin reliefs and so to get a rejuvenative effect due to the muscular tension release.


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